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The Anserines

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Midlands Multiplicity

Midlands Multiplicity is a monthly meeting for plurals in the Midlands, UK. We’re open to anyone who experiences any kind of plurality, including DID/OSDD systems, median systems, spiritual origin systems, tulpamancy systems and all others who experience some kind of “more-than-one-ness”. We’re open to questioning as well as confirmed systems.

We have dry-erase name badges for systems who want to indicate who’s fronting, and there will usually be some stuffed toys or colouring books for littles. We also have a Discord server where group members can chat between meetings, if they want to.

While the group is strictly for plurals and those questioning if they may be plural, you can bring a non-plural/non-questioning support person along with you if you wouldn’t be able to attend without them present.

When: First Thursday of each month

Where: The back room of a pub in Nottingham city centre; contact us at midsmult@anserines.co.uk for more information.

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